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Fabric Print Blocks Stamps Tjaps

Rare and wonderful wood, gourd and copper hand-crafted print blocks hailing from India, Nepal, Tibet, Pakistan, Africa and Indonesia. Traditionally used to print traditional fabrics or to apply wax for batik prints. Many of our clients use them for printing paper, cloth and fabric, wallpaper, and even imprinting them onto clay or clay vases! Some very creative cake artisans use them for stamping fondant (using these stamps to impress fondant for wedding cakes can have spectacular results!)

UPDATE: As of February 08 , we've just received our long awaited shipment(s) of print blocks from India - both NEW blocks we've commissioned and some superb OLD blocks (about 1200 - only a fraction of which are online). Old Print blocks are becoming extremely difficult to source and find since they, for the most part, are no longer used - having been replaced by screen printing and modern web presses. It used to be that OLD print blocks were less expensive than having NEW print blocks crafted; however that is no longer the case, as the prices are now about the same. We expect that in months and years to come that OLD print blocks will not be able to be found. Thus we are offering our clients NEW carved master-quality print blocks from India. Some take an artisans day to carve and are very elaborate.

Each print block is carved of wood, made of copper or other metals, or in a combination of the two. Blocks from Ghana, Africa are carved of calabash or gourd. These print blocks are vintage, used pieces. They often show wear including, but not limited to, minor damage to the printing surface, chips, cracks, holes (drilled into the blocks to allow air and excess ink to escape), missing handles, or other damage. They are not perfect pieces most of the time, otherwise they would not have been sold! A few are of exceptional quality with no damage; these are specifically noted. Be aware that each print block may be carved to be only a part of the "whole" picture, thus designs may not be complete with a single stamp (i.e. one stamp will print the flower stalks and leaves, while another print block prints the flower petals, and yet another print block creates the details of the stamens). MOST of our stamps online are a complete picture.

Should you purchase one of these print blocks and not be pleased with the piece you may return it with postage paid, for a shop credit, less a 20% restocking fee. We have this policy in place for a number of reasons, including the prevention of abuse of our merchandise and services. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause; but we are strongly confident you are sure to love our print blocks.

If you have any questions about a particular print block please contact us. Only the very choicest or rare designs are put on our website. We have many simple blocks in stock.

For a detailed history of print blocks, how they are made and used, visit our website: www.woodprintblocks.com

Please note: since we store these in the warehouse, please allow up to one week for us to find, package and ship them. Because they are one-of-a-kind, they are subject to prior sale.

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